My creative Mind

My creative Mind
My creative Mind
My creative Mind

Mein kreatives Gemüt Photostory

I wanted to show you how my crazy mind works. So I decided to make a series of 3 pictures.
The first one shows when the spark of creativity starts to bloom in me, but my anxiety and depression are stopping me from taking action.
It’s painful, but a part of me.

The second picture of this series shows how I can’t hold back my ideas anymore. I have to get them out of my head and create that new picture I’ve had on my mind for too long.
It’s the point where I’ve to overcome my fears.

The last photo of this series shows how my ideas flow from my anxious self to my brave self. It feels so amazing and I’m so relieved when I can just let it go. To create what I create.
I always try to surpass my own borders.


Ausstellung: Tage der offenen Ateliers 2019