The Imperfect Circle

The Imperfect Circle

Der unvollständige Kreis Photo

Mit einem großen runden Spiegel zwischen Bewässerungsrohren aufgenommen.

I see these kinds of tubes really often, since I’m living on the country side. They are always there, so nearly nobody notices them. Sitting between those huge and cold metal tubes felt like sitting in myself. It’s a safe place, that nobody can see. But there are also many holes, filled with dark thoughts.
As I suffered from depression for a long time, and sometimes it still breaks through, I created this picture to express myself and how it looks on the inside of a depressive person.

If you suffer from depression, it feels like a never-ending cycle full of fear, shame, powerlessness and loneliness. You feel helpless while longing for help that you are not able to ask for. You want to be seen without being seen. At least that’s how I experience it, when depression breaks through.

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