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Conceptual Photo Story

Pure white innocence and inner peace are shown on her face.
But her eyes are still closed….

The Empress still has control and power. With a mighty, but still elegant look she stands there in a peaceful way. Waiting and watching, although her eyes are closed.

The Butterflies just escaped the cage and the metamorphosis begins!
She still has a bit control and doesn’t seem worried at all. But things are changing rapidly, when all the butterflies are coming out of their cage.

ALL butterflies escaped successfully and are now going to hunt her.
Her face has changed significantly, it’s filled with dark colors. She’s still walking upright and want’s to preserve her pride and majesty.

The butterflies finally got her. She knows what will happen to her and she tries to not be afraid, but you can still see it in her eyes.
The metamorphosis is complete now. From pure white to dark violet.


Photo, Headdress & Concept: Cornelia Gillmann – Photography
Model: Julia Ringlblume
Make Up & Hair: Victoria Lash – Make up Artist
Assistant: Markus ChrasteckyMartin Zörnpfenning
Location: Orth an der Donau, NÖ
Theme: High Fashion Photography, Fantasy, Magic

Jeder Effekt, ob Rauch oder Schmetterling, wurde im Vorhinein gesetzt und nicht mittels Bildbearbeitung eingefügt.
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